Sexual Health – What to Know

One’s sexual health is one of the most critical aspects of one’s life. It is as important as every other aspect of one’s life. It is, therefore imperative that one should take care of his sexual health as much as he takes care of other things.

Women’s sexual health is a delicate topic because women are susceptible to different issues that may cause sexual problems for them. Female Sexual Dysfunction is a problem that women are likely to face. Several factors may cause or lead to Female Sexual Dysfunction. Some of them include menopause, anti-depressants drugs, stress, diseases and so on. It is essential for women to make sure that their sexual health is given adequate attention.

Sexual Health of Older Men (50- above)

As men grow older, there is an increased risk of impotence to happen to them. Impotence is the inability to maintain or achieve an erection or and to achieve ejaculation. This could be as a result of occasional poor life choices that men make. The causes of impotence can be either psychological or physical. Either way, its effects on a man’s sexual life can be fatal.

Causes of Impotence in Older Men

Smoking: One of the biggest causes of impotence is smoking. Smokers do not only run a very high risk of lung failure, but they also run an equally high risk of infertility. Cigarette smoking releases dangerous chemicals into the bloodstream, which can then lead to damage of arteries and blood vessels. The arteries are an integral part of erections as they carry blood from the heart to the sponge-like vessels of the penis filling them with blood. Damage of the arteries poses a threat to that function.

Neurological/Nerve Disorders: Another significant cause of impotence is neurological and nerve disorders. As a man ages, his body systems begin to fail and wear out. If a man were to have nerve disorders, it would pose a problem because nerve disorders affect the brain’s communication with the reproductive organs thereby leading to erectile dysfunction, commonly known as ED. Some of these neurological disorders include Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Epilepsy, and even strokes.

Sexual Health of Young Men

A very high number of young men experience what is known merely as Performance Anxiety. This is a psychological problem that causes Erectile Dysfunction. And because emotions and blood flow go hand in hand, and with anxiety being a powerful emotion, it can affect the flow of blood to the penis thereby posing a problem with getting an erection. For some, it is memories of past failed experiences that may cause anxiety. Thoughts of sexual inadequacy may also lead to Performance Anxiety. Performance Anxiety will lead to stress and stress will pose a problem when it comes to getting an erection.

The use and misuse of recreational drugs may also cause impotence. Marijuana, Cannabis, Hydrocodone, Cocaine, and LSD are examples of recreational drugs that may prove harmful to a man’s potency. The pills contain chemicals that may affect the nervous system thereby disrupting the pathway of blood to the reproductive organs. Abundant use of these drugs will not only prove harmful to a man’s sexual urges and potency, but it may also prove detrimental to the life of the user.

Increasing Potency in Men

It is essential to learn how to take care of and improve sexual health. Many health experts believe that potency can be increased in men naturally. So they propose the ingestion of well-balanced food, eliminating fatty foods that can block blood vessels and affect regular blood flow. They also recommend reducing smoking and intake of recreational drugs.

Protein has been known to improve blood flow, so foods that contain protein are highly encouraged. Seafood is considered an aphrodisiac and is equally encouraged for the man who wishes to increase his potency. Foods that should be discouraged, however, include smoked meat and fish, copious consumption of corn, fast food with high level of cholesterol. Pizza, for instance, contains an insane amount of harmful cholesterol, sugar, and salt in it.

Apart from through natural means, there are products on sale that can improve potency. These products are on sale in online shops and sold to whoever demands them. Some of these products that not only develop but assure potency include:

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  • Viagra
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Last Word

Sexual health is an essential part of a human being’s health – and life – and it is crucial that human beings should pay attention to making sure that their sexual life is healthy.